I doubled down on teaching and creating meaningful content this year. YT Channel Cohort Based Course Podcast Writing I started a YouTube channel - Playbooks - and put out 31 videos this year. Hoping to continue this in 2022 and beyond. The focus is on creating actionable…
A playbook has three attributes: (1) it gives you plays that can be reliably repeated, (2) these plays can be taught to others, and (3) one can look…
Everything I have learnt about being an effective product manager condensed into a short video.
My cohort-based course "Surviving and Thriving in Product Management"
The incremental pyramid trap
A new cohort-based course (beta)
Late last year, I had recorded a podcast with Vani Kola of Kalaari Capital. We discussed many different topics - what make a good PM, decision-making…
The MVP is dead. The Minimum Viable Product philosophy has become corrupted. We have misunderstood its intent and diluted its core elements over the…
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Understated Hyperbole